Lio Cabaret Opening in Mykonos

09 May, 2021

Don't miss to enjoy the best experience at Lio Cabaret - Restaurant in Mykonos this summer.

Lio Cabaret Opening in Mykonos

The World´s most glamourous cabaret Lío Ibiza comes to Mykonos in 2021 with electric interactive entertainment, Mediterranean cuisine, and La Fête late-night lounging.


La Fête Sauvage

From 1st July – 18th September Lío Mykonos offers La Fête Sauvage, an entire evening of electric entertainment from 8.30 pm – 3 am. Dining, high cabaret, and after midnight, a lounge musical experience with bottle service until 3am.


La Fête

From 12.30 – 3am, Lío Mykonos continues throughout the night from La Fête Sauvage to La Fête. A dynamic lounge musical experience where the DJ takes center stage, performers interact with the crowd and the guest becomes the protagonist.


Dining Experience

Doors open at 8.30 pm. With 4 dining experiences and additional bespoke luxuries to pick from. Be prepared to be dazzled by the cabaret show, “La Fête Sauvage”.

Choose from Zebra, Serpent, Leopard, and Panther.
A spectacular synthesis of fine dining and world-class entertainment.


If you've booked a stay to one of our villas in Mykonos, your personal concierge will take care to provide all information and book a table for you.